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August 20, 2007
Cañada College, Building 9
Meeting Notes

Committee Attendees: Committee Chair Jim Wyatt, Committee Vice Chair Marion McDowell, Marta Bookbinder, Patrick Chang, Stanley Gross, Ruth Nagler

District Staff Attendees:  Kathy Blackwood, Barbara Christensen, Jim Keller, José Nuñez, Tom Mohr

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 3:20 p.m.

Approval of minutes from meeting of June 6, 2007

It was moved by Stanley Gross and seconded by Marion McDowell to approve the minutes.  The motion, passed, all members voting "Aye".

Review of cumulative report on expenditures through June 30, 2007 for Measure A and Measure C

Kathy Blackwood and Jim Keller discussed the financial reports.   Measure C funds have either been spent or committed, except for approximately 4% of the $207 million issue.   During fiscal year 2006-2007, 20% of the fund was spent.   Some of the interest from Measure C has also been allocated.  Measure A projects are still in the planning stage.  As projects are identified, a fund in the accounting system is created for these projects.  Ten percent (10%) of Measure A funds has been spent or committed and it is expected that expenditures will grow rapidly as projects  move from the planning stage to construction. CFO Blackwood added that in October, the auditing of 2006-2007 will start and will be complete in December.  The interest on Measure A funds will also be allocated for the capital projects at a later date.

At this time, Barbara Christensen asked to discuss item number 7 to allow the members leaving early to hear about this issue.  There were no objections.

Information on Fire Suppression System in CSM Planetarium

Jim Keller addressed newspaper articles which have been printed regarding the faulty fire suppression system.  A reporter wrote an article stating there was a schism between the Department of State Architecture (DSA) and the District and related it to the malfunctioning of the fire alarm system, which he stated was categorically untrue.  He pointed out that the District goes through a number of approval processes for the systems and buildings, including DSA and local fire departments. Communication between architects and the DSA takes place frequently throughout the design and construction phases.   Currently, a forensic investigation is being conducted to identify the cause of the accident. 

Following the malfunction, a different fire suppression system was installed and the facility is being used by students. José Nuñez added that a professional restoration team, along with the District team, was there in seven minutes to take care of and minimize the damage.  Marta Bookbinder asked if the people inside during the accident were hurt; José Nuñez and Jim Keller clarified that they were only showered when the water went off.  The damage was mainly to the star projector.

At this point, Barbara asked to proceed with President Tom Mohr's Gateway presentation to accommodate his busy schedule in the first week of school.

Cañada Gateways Presentation

President Tom Mohr presented the proposed improvements to the Gateway entrances and main plazas at Cañada College.  He talked about the collaboration of the  ideas of College staff with the architect, David Gates, and showed the renditions of the road ways, patio area, central park, signage and other changes proposed for the campus.  Tom also showed slides of the entry way, a monument in granite, a water fountain, and  patio areas.  Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2008. The four-lane roadway between the theater and gym will be narrowed to two lanes to slow down traffic and minimize speeding. A plaza and overlook area will be created for students to wait for the buses. Patrick Chang asked if the narrowing of the lanes and the creation of the amphitheater might create a congestion point impacting traffic on the campus.  José Nuñez and Tom Mohr said they will relay this concern to the architects and study it further.    

Update on Capital Improvement Program 2 and Design/Build Projects; Report on Sustainability Efforts in CIP 1 and 2

Vice Chancellor Nuñez distributed copies of his Power Point presentation.  Highlights are as follows:

CIP Projects at Cañada

- B16 and 18 Science Modernization-Multiple Prime project, $14 million contract award

- B7 FMC new construction-pending DSA approval

- B8 Admin. Phase 2 Renovation-out to bid in November 2007 and construction in January 2008

- B5/6 University Center Renovation-State project, under design, out to bid next summer of 2008

CIP Projects at College of San Mateo

- Softball Field Upgrades-under construction, behind because of DSA approval and construction problems, hope to complete it by October 2007

- CSM CIP2 Design Build Project-RFP process, project is moving slow because of issues with submitters

- B2 Music Renovation-pre-design, bond dollars out to bid in Oct and construction Jan or Feb 2008

- B4 Fine Arts Renovation-pre-design, same timeline as B2

- B14 Instructional Renovation-pre-design, same timeline as above

- B16 Instructional Renovation-pre-design, same timeline as above

CIP Projects at Skyline

- B3 Physical Education Phase 11-is complete except for elevator, heating, ventilation, air conditioning. Plan to go out to bid in January 2008 to finalize the building

- B7 Allied Health-state and bond funded project, under construction

- B30 FMC replacement-currently in bid stage

- SKY CIP II $90 Million-RFP process, work is done to keep the general contractors interested in these projects

- B1 Fine Arts Phase 2-a little behind in design, under construction by summer 2008

At this point, Barbara Christensen requested that the Sustainability Report be the first item in the next meeting because it is important that all committee members hear the report.   

Information on Cañada Housing Project

Barbara Christensen distributed copies of the conceptual site plan and elevations.  Photo simulations were given to show how the project will look from various venues in Redwood City.  Barbara added that public review process is being started.  The District is proposing to build 60 units, including a mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units.  Barbara shared the letters of endorsement received from the Fox Hollow Homeowners Association and Committee from Green Foothills, and also a letter of opposition from the Woodhill Estates Homeowners Association.  Barbara added that she, Ron Galatolo and Tom Mohr have been attending a number of community meetings and will continue to do so to gain as much support as possible for the staff housing project.

Information on Civil Grand Jury Report

Barbara Christensen said that in 2005, San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury issued a report that urged school districts to follow the best practices for construction management of the District.  Because of the problems, primarily with the San Mateo Union High School District this past year, the Grand Jury revisited this report calling on the County Superintendents to assist K-12 schools in defining best practices for  their projects and again urged the County Superintendent to publicize the College District's best practices.

Public Comments



The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 4:15 p.m.











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