Apply to the Oversight Committee

Current Vacancies:

  • Student both currently enrolled and an active member in a group, such as student government (students may serve up to six months after graduation)
  • District Affiliated Support Organization Representative

Interested in volunteering? Here’s a brief overview of what’s involved:

  • Meeting frequency: Quarterly (four meetings per year)
  • Time commitment: 1-year and two-year terms, with the option for renewing
  • Purpose: To ensure the District is expending bond proceeds only for the purposes set forth in Measure H, as approved by the voters.
  • Education Code: Section 15282(a)(4) of the Education Code details the committee member requirements

What usually happens at these meetings?

  • Committee members receive updates from staff on recent activity related to the bonds.
  • Committee members review expenditure reports on a quarterly basis.
  • Occasionally there are site tours (optional), allowing committee members to see new and upcoming projects firsthand.
  • Once a year, the committee issues an annual report outlining their activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of bond proceeds.

Do I qualify for the Committee?

  • Employees, vendors, contractors, and consultants of the district are prohibited by law from being members of the committee.
  • Ideal candidates will possess any combination of knowledge in the district, local community involvement, experience in finance/budgeting, and/or community relations. The Chancellor’s office reviews applications, selects candidates and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Members of the Committee are appointed by the Board of Trustees.

How do I apply?

  • To apply online please go to:

Online Application