2019-2020 Annual Report

San Mateo County Community College District

Measure H
2019-2020 Annual Report

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

Letter from Committee Chair

To: The Board of Trustees and Citizens of the San Mateo County Community College District

In November 2014, San Mateo County voters approved Measure H, a $388 million bond measure that will allow the district to complete the modernization, construction and reconstruction projects as envisioned in the 2015 Facilities Master Plan Amendment.

As required by law, the Board of Trustees established a Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) composed of community members with experience in finance, accounting, education, construction, sustainability, and local government. The BOC is actively working on behalf of the voters to ensure transparency and accountability with respect to how bond proceeds are expended. Measure H bond funds are for construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement of college facilities in compliance with the ballot language approved by voters, and no funds are used for teacher or administrator salaries.

During the period that this annual report covers (January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020), the district has been faced with unique challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These included the requirements of the shelter in place order which brought an abrupt move of academic programs to online learning, business and administrative functions to remote working conditions and a brief period of pause in all campus construction work while awaiting direction from health and safety authorities. Once regulations and guidelines were received, the district was able to take the appropriate steps to safely continue the planning and construction activities of the Measure H bond program. As such, the BOC transitioned its meetings to Zoom and continued its work as well.

During this period, Cañada College construction activities continued on the Kinesiology and Wellness Building, a new 82,825 sq. ft. facility, currently scheduled to be completed in Spring 2021. In addition, planning efforts progressed for the Multiple Program Instructional Center project, anticipated to begin construction in Spring 2021 and complete in Summer 2022.

On the College of San Mateo campus, the Theatre Modernization project began construction in Summer 2020 and is to be completed by the end of this year. This project commenced concurrently with the Edison Lot project, a new parking lot that will provide 208 parking stalls, 11 electric vehicle stations, and 9 ADA parking stalls, also to be completed by the end of the year.

At Skyline College, the Workforce & Economic Development Prosperity Center project is underway with plans being reviewed by the Division of State Architect. This project will provide a readily accessible, integrated Student Services Center, including thirteen student services departments, five classrooms, and a nursing room. Construction is anticipated by Summer 2022.

The committee had three meetings during this period, and continues to meet quarterly to review Measure H expenditures. At these meetings, district and program management staff provided the committee with written and oral reports and presentations on bond program activities, as well as the financial and performance audit reports.

Based on its review, the committee has concluded that the district is in compliance with the requirements of Article XIIIA, Section 1(b)(3) of the California Constitution. A full disclosure of the performance and financial audits can be viewed here.

The committee wishes to thank the community for their continued support of our students.

Respectfully submitted,

James Ruigomez
Bond Oversight Committee Chair

Committee Members

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee members are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The following members were active during the past fiscal year:

  • Anne CampbellSenior citizens’ representative
  • Bill CollinsTaxpayers’ association representative
  • Ariana DavarpanahStudent representative
  • Michael DuncheonCommunity member
  • Rocsana EnriquezCommunity member
  • Rosanne Foust, Vice ChairBusiness community representative
  • Shelley KesslerCommunity member
  • James Ruigomez, ChairCommunity member
  • William RundbergSupport organization representative
  • Maxine TernerCommunity member

Committee Meetings

The committee meets on a quarterly basis, with meetings open to the public. For a listing of meetings and proceedings please visit the committee meeting page.

About Measure H

Measure H projects will prepare College of San Mateo, Canada College and Skyline College students for universities and high-demand jobs by:

  • Modernizing math and science classrooms and labs
  • Upgrading computer, biotechnology and job training facilities
  • Upgrading access for disabled students
  • Ensuring classrooms meet earthquake, fire and safety requirements
  • Replacing aging infrastructure with energy efficient systems

Read the full ballot language here

Measure H Bond Expenditures

Inception through June 30, 2020
Expenditures vs Remaining Balance

Bond Overview, as of June 30, 2020

Bond Authorization$388,000,000
Interest Earned$11,013,253
Total Bond Funds:$399,013,253
Total Bond Expenditures$258,613,441
Total Bond Funds Remaining:$140,399,812
Rounding factors may apply
Expenditures by Location

Expenditures by Location, as of June 30, 2020

Cañada College
College of San Mateo
Skyline College
Total Bond Expenditures:$258,613,441
Rounding factors may apply
Annual Performance and Financial Audit
California Proposition 39 requires annual performance and financial audits. The performance and financial audits for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, were performed by an independent certified public accounting firm in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and governmental auditing standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States. The result of the performance audits for Measure H is that the district spent the general obligation bond proceeds in accordance with the requirements of Proposition 39. The District received an unmodified opinion in the financial statement audit of Measure H general obligation bond activity for the year ended June 30, 2020. View the complete audit reports

Measure H Bond Project List

Inception through June 30, 2020
Project Name Budget Expenditures
Cañada College
CAN B1N Kinesiology and Wellness $117,652,851 $74,830,372
CAN B13 Multiple Program Instructional Center $16,795,000 $822,078
CAN B23N Math/Science/Tech $65,236,278 $61,231,195
CAN Emergency Building Repairs $809,644 $422,836
CAN Technology and Equipment $1,200,000 $1,129,059
CAN Access Compl. Corrective Items $716,836 $716,836
CAN Central Plant Upgrade $4,107,722 $4,099,792
CAN B9 Ext Envelope Leak Repairs $6,065,141 $5,186,232
CAN B22 Swing Space $5,600,000 $381,679
CAN B16/18 Secondary Effects $3,000,000 $96,045
CAN Small Projects $400,000 $29,104
Total Cañada College $221,583,472 $148,945,227
College of San Mateo
CSM B3 Modernization $4,000,000 $2,592,187
CSM B17 Student Life/Learning Comm $7,892,017 $11,144,456
CSM B19 Center for Emerging Tech. $3,000,000 $303,308
CSM Emergency Building Repairs $1,170,356 $1,160,453
CSM Technology and Equipment $542,310 $542,310
CSM Edison Lot $6,300,000 $1,416,122
CSM Water Supply Tank Replacement $629,000 $107,414
CSM Asphalt Repairs Project $378,633 $341,027
CSM Corp Yard $2,000,000 $18,900
CSM Instructional Pool Re-plaster $265,000 $219,786
CSM Water Metering $12,840 $0
CSM B19 Floor Abatement Project $400,000 $0
CSM Small Projects $1,257,690 $678,975
Total College of San Mateo $27,847,846 $18,524,938
Skyline College
SKY B1 Social Science/Creative Arts $9,293,077 $9,156,234
SKY B12N Environmental Science $42,000,000 $40,232,648
SKY B2 Workforce/Economic Develop $18,882,050 $1,359,746
SKY Lot L Expansion $5,896,276 $5,896,062
SKY B19 Pac Hgts/No. Campus Improvements $3,151,626 $3,150,749
SKY B14 Loma Chica/CDC Renovations $3,148,138 $3,148,138
SKY Emergency Building Repairs $1,020,000 $967,359
SKY Technology and Equipment $1,000,000 $1,000,000
SKY Accessible Route $1,500,000 $1,406,157
SKY B5 CTTL Modification $500,000 $399,975
SKY B7 STEM Center $1,453,610 $1,386,977
SKY Promise Schlr WKFC Career Relo $500,000 $447,226
SKY B3 South Wall Waterproofing $300,000 $146,631
SKY B3A-E Portable Replacement $3,131,717 $426,128
SKY B1 Social Science/Creative Arts Remodel $500,000 $70,132
SKY B19 Swing Space $5,000,000 $517,625
SKY B1 Facelift $14,000,000 $99,881
SKY Small Projects $1,000,000 $621,974
Total Skyline College $112,276,495 $70,433,642
DW CIP3 MASTER $3,162,728 $0
DW Project Requirements/Compliance $11,447,834 $6,535,455
DW Network Core Switch Upgrade $202,326 $195,201
DW UPS Device (MDF/IDF) Replacement $503,254 $288,107
DW Symetra UPS Device (MPOE) Replace $243,745 $243,745
DW Network Firewall Switch Replacmt $1,000,000 $646,781
DW Telephone System Replacement $1,109,831 $553,389
DW Wireless Access Point (WAP) Repl $459,435 $442,176
DW Network Switch Upgrade (10 GB) $2,080,507 $2,072,447
DW Server Replacement $1,899,970 $845,285
DW Fire Alarm Panels Upgrade $4,000,000 $3,457,808
DW Classroom Security Hardware $1,920,000 $1,855,080
DW EV Charging Stations Expansion $373,613 $373,613
DW Signage Upgrades $160,719 $160,719
DW EAS Speaker Coverage Expansion $810,000 $458,123
DW Video Server Upgrade $301,599 $301,599
DW Video Camera Replacement $715,000 $189,842
DW Classroom Projection Screen Repl $113,323 $26,380
DW Batting Cage Upgrade $500,000 $36,174
DW Technology Replacement $2,066,500 $1,772,456
DW Interior LED Lighting Retrofit $155,579 $155,579
DW Solar and Energy Storage $500,000 $94,697
DW Emergency Generators Project $1,000,000 $4,980
District Total Expenditures: $34,725,962 $20,709,634
Measure H Total Expenditures: $396,433,775 $258,613,441